I’m Such a Hockey Mom!

19 01 2008

My youngest daughter, Mary, plays hockey. This is her first year and she’s on a traveling team of 8U girls. Big deal right? Well, if you live in North Dakota, like we do, then it is a VERY big deal. Hockey skates are included in all the diaper bags given to new parents at the hospital. There are more hockey equipment stores in Grand Forks than gas stations, grocery stores or elementary schools. We are home to the Fighting Sioux team of UND. The arena they play in is the biggest structure in ND, and by far the most expensive. Yes, hockey is a big deal here. I grew up in south Florida so this obsession with this particular sport is rather new to me. Now if we’re talking saltwater fishing, or water skiing, I’d be all over that, but this pushing of the little black, not to mention extremely hard, puck is foreign to this mom of four.

Mary had her first turn at playing goalie tonight. She was very excited. I was a nervous wreck! Did I mention that those pucks are extremely hard? Not to worry though because 8 year old girl goalies are safely outfitted with a minimum of 72 pounds of padding to keep the puck from hurting when it hits them at 102 miles per hour. Mary did an awesome job in the net tonight and all the parents have requested that she play the position permanently because she “fought hard” in that net tonight (and she can get back up after falling with all that gear on in under 2 seconds!).

We lost 6 to 3 tonight, but only because the other team had hired the referees for the game.  Even the opposing team’s parents were a little upset after the sixth time one of their players tripped one of ours and no penalty was called. The final blow to fairness was when the referee burst out laughing after witnessing one girl on the opposing team strike one of our players in the back with her stick! That’s OK. We’ve arranged for him to meet some players from the Fighting Sioux team, up close and personal, later on.

I love to watch my daughter play this game. I love the fact that after each goal that was scored on her tonight, the other players on her team immediately skated over to her to tap her on the helmet and tell her “good try. It’s OK, they got by all of us too.”

Two more games tomorrow. Hopefully with better referees and more goals for our side.



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21 01 2008

Very cool. I love to watch hockey!

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