Peaks and Valleys

2 02 2008

In my line of work, as in others I would imagine, there are ups and downs.  Busy times, slow times, build ups and cut backs are part of most people’s work life and daily living as well.

Tax season has a “peak” period.  Two actually.  The first usually starts around the third week of January as income documents begin to arrive in mail boxes along with the Christmas bills and exercise equipment sale catalogs.  The second one is the first two weeks of April when all the procrastinators show up, realizing they can’t put off the IRS any longer.

My office hit peak yesterday and it attacked like a rabid dog.  Every desk full, every waiting room chair full, all phone lines ringing, and every client wanting service “yesterday.”  This “speed of refund” frenzy will continue for the next two to three weeks.  This time is what allows those of us in this industry to eat and live for the rest of the year.  We do as much work during this time as we do during the rest of the “non-peak” time.  This is when meals are skipped, family time sacrificed, tempers flared, and bonus dollars earned.  This is peak.

Mountain tops are pretty much the same thing.  People often refer to those times when we are so close to God, so in tune with His will and so open to His prompting, as “mountain top” experiences.  We are up on the peak, so very close we feel like we could reach out and touch the very face of God.  I’ve had times like those as well as those “down in the valley” times where I could barely spell God, much less touch Him.

While being on the mountain top feels wonderful and makes my life much easier to journey,  my desire for them, and my ability to pursue them with consistency, would be greatly diminished, if not impossible without the time spent in the valley.  If my life was always easy, no problems, “no worries” as Nathan Tasker would say,  what would be my motivation for climbing the mountain?  If I was always on top, where would I need to climb?

I do not want to be like the “speed of refund” client in the tax world.  I don’t want God to give me everything now, make my life here on earth so full of the world, that I lose my desire to pursue Him daily.  I also don’t want to be the procrastinator who puts off the pursuit of God because I dread what the pursuit might bring.  It is not my goal to just sacrifice more, to do with less, to really put God FIRST in everything I do.  While I do want those things, what I want even more is to put real, effective action into place.  I want to ACT on my desires.  I want to affect change in my family, community and the world.  Desire isn’t enough.  I don’t want to stand on the top of the mountain so much as I want to be strengthened in the climb.  I’ve been in training long enough and it’s time to begin the journey.  I have the equipment. I just need to start climbing.  Anyone want to come along for the climb?




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