Can I Do It?

9 02 2008

I recently became an Area Advocate for Compassion International. My goal is to set up 6 events in the coming year that will help spread the word about children who need to be rescued. They do not have to be big events, special concerts, etc. They can be as simple as coffee with a friend. So far, I’ve completed 2 events; resulting in 2 sponsored kids. That’s 2 kids who get to eat nutritious food, get help with school, wear decent clothing and most of all, learn about the God who loves them; created them to be just exactly who they are.

My family and I sponsor two boys. Our two “sons” are 7 and 9. One lives in Haiti and the other in Ecuador. They are beautiful, bright, funny, handsome, strong and very special. They have given our family so much more than in blessings and joy than the $32 a month we could otherwise spend on ourselves and not have anything to show for it. This small amount that isn’t even thought about when spent in this country by most people, is life-changing for them. It’s life-changing for us too. We are being rescued from our wealth and it’s wonderful.



7 responses

12 02 2008

Can you do it? Of course you can! You’re already a third of the way done doing it!!

12 02 2008

Thanks Cristy! I really needed to hear that today! Your CD will be mailed tomorrow; I PROMISE!!!

13 02 2008

hehe…I was thinking, “What CD?” Then I remembered…the pictures! YAY! No hurry, though, I know this is your busy season so do what you need to do.

25 02 2008

Let’s see….Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. That’s three more! Not to mention the 2 children you mention above, plus the SEVENTY-TWO children from last night!! Is that a weekend number, or last night alone?

2+3=5 events…It’s only February and you’ve already almost made your goal! Way to go bulletproofmom!!

25 02 2008

I was thinking…if you count the three services Sunday morning, then you can add 5 events from the weekend, blowing your goal out of the water! ; )

25 02 2008

I don’t think it works that way, although that’d be nice! Also, Shaun gets credit for 7 of the kids directly and the church will get the others with me as secondary. All that’s not important though as long as the kids are being sponsored!


26 02 2008

Bah! It doesn’t matter who gets the credit for the sponsorships, I was talking about your goal to set up the events. Great job!

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