Eternally Adopted

9 02 2008

My son and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert Thursday night. He is beyond a doubt, Alex’s favorite artist. He was playing at one of the larger churches in Fargo so we made the drive. It was a wonderful evening of new songs. blended with ones I’ve been listening to since Alex was a baby (he’s 18 now). Steven said something about “getting old” and could relate to him completely! Seeing his two sons, Caleb and Will Franklin on the stage with him, performing like seasoned pros, didn’t do anything to make me feel any younger either. See Steven’s website to learn about is heart for adoption and his family’s journey in adopting three beautiful daughters from China.

Throughout his concert, there was a small counter on his video screen. It started at zero when the show started and continued along throughout the night. It stopped around 650 or so by the night’s end. This counter represented the number of NEW orphans globally since the show began. One NEW orphan every 18 seconds worldwide! That is staggering to say the least!

Steven made a point I’d heard before, but it seemed to resonate with me very strongly this night. All believers are adopted children of God. He is our Heavenly Father. The one who chose us to be His. We are joint heirs with His son and as such, have received the birthright of eternal life spent in His presence. What an incredible gift!

Jesus talked more about our responsibility to care for the orphans, the poor, the widows and the downcast than he did about any other subject. Over 40 separate sermons were given by Jesus on the poor. If our care of and responsibility to this group was so important to Christ, shouldn’t be as equally important to us if we’re to be Christlike? Is it important to you? What are you doing with the mandate given to you?



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9 02 2008

I posted just today about a topic of similar nature. I was an orphan before being adopted by my parents. The number on the counter – 650. That is staggering to me. “If our care of and responsibility to this group was so important to Christ, shouldn’t be as equally important to us if we’re to be Christlike?” What a good question. I sometimes find myself ashamed that I care so much about stupid things like clothes and food. Isn’t that what he told us not to worry about? I am amazed that we, as a church, myself included, don’t do more hands-on to help widows and orphans. Why?

9 02 2008

Great question! Why is it so difficult for us to put our caring words into action? It’s a question I struggle with too much. Mostly because I spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing.


14 02 2008

Hey! I noticed your blog on Brody Harper’s blogroll and just was reading different blogs and came upon yours. I am also from North Dakota, but I live in the southeastern part, only 5 miles from the South Dakota border. I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


14 02 2008

Hi Andra!

Thanks for stopping by! You’ll have to make you way north to see Shaun Groves next weekend. He’s doing two shows in Grand Forks.


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