Thank You Grand Forks!

24 02 2008

This weekend marks the third time I’ve brought Shaun Groves to Grand Forks for a concert.  To hear him speak about the impact that Compassion International has had on his life and how his ministry is now focused on rescuing children, is quite simply, inspiring.  His passion is contagious and he infected Grand Forks, ND with it this weekend.

As a result of this most delightful of infections (nothing like the one Shaun is harboring after his recent trip to Uganda), 72 children were sponsored this weekend!  That is 72 children who will now have their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs meet my through Compassion’s partnership with local churches in their countries.  72 children who will soon begin receiving letters from sponsors in North Dakota who will tell them they are special; they are loved; and they are such blessings to those of us who chose to tonight to remember what we are saved FOR and not just what we are saved FROM.  Thanks Shaun; for soft-rockin’ the frozen north in spite of the cold and flu.  Thank you Grand Forks for rescuing 72 children.  Thank you God for saving us FOR something so incredible.



4 responses

25 02 2008

That is so cool! 72 people are rescued from their wealth and 72 children are rescued from poverty.


25 02 2008

A. MAZ. ING! 72 children! WOW! Seventy-two!

25 02 2008
My Friend Amy

That is truly incredible! Yay!

11 03 2008
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