A Thief in the Night

25 02 2008

While the title may bring to mind the metaphor of how the Second Coming is described, that’s not what it actually refers to here. Rather, we were visited by a literal thief in the night recently.

It is very cold here in ND right now and as a result of some recent “strange noises” coming from my husband’s car, he’s had the privilege of parking in the garage at night. As I got in the truck the other morning, I noticed that the glove box was open and some of the contents were laying on the seat. I checked to see if anything was missing and there didn’t appear to be so I called my husband to see if he’d been in the truck looking for something. He said no, as did our son. We were a “little slow on the take” as the saying goes though. There was indeed something missing; the remote for the garage door opener! As a result, now all of my husband’s tools (two roll away chests worth!) are also missing!

He discovered this yesterday when he was called upon to use his first-rate electrician skills to repair a previously melted power cord for a soft-rock star’s computer. The cord was repaired despite the missing tools (they managed to leave behind a small set of screw drivers, one pair of pliers and a roll of electrical tape) and the show went on.

The thief (or thieves), couldn’t manage to steal the most valuable thing however. The rescue of 72 kids from poverty by wealthy Americans being rescued from their wealth doesn’t even begin to compare. The soft rocker referenced above made the comment to me that my husband must be very even tempered as he didn’t appear too upset over his lost tools. “They can be replaced,” he said, “but to see those kids being rescued is something that cannot be undone by lost tools or greedy thieves.” I agree!



One response

25 02 2008

bummer! I hate feeling violated like that! cool that your husband has such great perspective, though!

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