It’s Rough to Get Old!

28 02 2008

That was something my father used to say whenever he was trying to help me with my “modern” math homework or after spending the day washing cars, mowing the lawn and keeping our dock barnacle free and safe for swimming.   As a kid, I never thought of my dad as “old” in any sense.  Goofy, completely lacking in fashion sense (read bow tie wearer), and mannerly to a fault, but not old at all.  I didn’t understand why he thought of himself as old sometimes.  Now, I completely understand his utterance of those words.

My vision has been somewhat “cloudy” at times over the last few months so I went to see my eye doctor recently.  He said I had something (gave it a name at least 57 letters long) that was most likely due to aging eyes, but he wanted me to see a specialist just to be on the safe side.  So, today I visited this apparently famous ophthalmologist for a checkup.  He was quick, but very thorough; and very depressing.  It would appear that I have early onset cataracts.  Nothing to worry about for now, but sure did make me feel old to get that diagnosis today.  The cloudiness I’m experiencing is due to severe dry-eye and the effects of some medication I must be on.  I got some drops and instructions for caring for my eyes and off I went.  Tomorrow’s excitement includes a trip to the podiatrist for what I hope will be some relief from the chronic pain due to arthritis in my feet.  The custom orthotics and current medication isn’t working and my limp is becoming more pronounced.  The sore feet in turn make my knees, back and hips ache worse.

Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not going blind doctor; and for reminding me that it’s rough to get old!

I’ll do my best to hobble back and keep you updated.



One response

29 02 2008

Beth, I hope the foot doctor is able to alleviate your pain. As for the eyes, I told Ken last night that I have to go to the eye doctor as everything I try to read lately is blurry, but not cloudy. Still it’s frustrating.

Your post reminds me of the email my dad sent to me on my birthday this week, after I told him my birthday went well but I think the bug I had two weeks ago was hanging on leaving me with little energy. Here is his reply:

Glad to hear that your birthday went well. That tired thing may not be the bug but the result of turning a year older. Sorry baby but there are harsh realities but still, they beat the alternative.
Love, Dad

Nice guy, huh? lol I thanked him for reminding me that I’m old. He said:

Ahhh, but as I remind you that you are getting old, it’s a double edged sword in that I too am getting older! I love you and you will always be my baby. Dad

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