Say What?

28 02 2008

My friend and fellow blogger Kristin often posts “Tiny Talk Tuesday” in which she recounts cute things her 3 sons say.  They are very funny and often make my day.

Today, I must recount a quote from one of my own “tiny talkers” just so I don’t forget the moment, and so I can use it for future reference (see previous post on getting old) when I forget all this tomorrow.

Sitting at the dinner table this evening during dinner:

Mary:  (passing the broccoli)  “Mom, if I eat all my steak, can I please have more broccoli?”



2 responses

29 02 2008

That’s funny. Mary’s just too cute!

I wish I had documented all the cute things Justin said when he was little, he was a little comedian. My dad was combing his hair one time at about age 6 and he combed right over Justin’s ear. (Poor child has my ears that stick out a little.) So he told my dad, “Hey watch it, those are EAR-replaceable! Get it?” He was always (and still is) making jokes out of everything.

14 03 2008

That is a good one! I wish my boys wanted more helpings of broccoli!

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