Professional Athletes, Take Note: Paint is the Key

1 03 2008

My husband, two youngest daughters and I are in Fargo this weekend for a hockey tournament.  Our youngest daughter plays on The Grand Forks Angels girls 8U team.   She decided that being a black belt in TaeKwonDo was no longer challenging, so she’s moved on to the official ND state sport.  This is the only place I’ve ever lived that ensures the school calendar provides for the day off during the State Hockey finals.  I grew up in Florida so ice hockey is somewhat foreign to me.  My husband is very patient in explaining the offsides rule among other things.  He grew up in Michigan so he’s got this down.  Wanna talk salt water sport fishing?  I’m all over that!

Since this is Mary’s first year, she doesn’t typically get in the middle of things to go for the puck.  We’ve tried to assure her that it’s OK to be aggressive in hockey as long as she’s trying to go after the puck and not another player.  She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and worries about possibly hurting someone.

Well, today was different.  We sat in the stands in awe as some kid, dressed in Mary’s uniform, proceeded to take the ice with a fervor we’d never witnessed before.  Did she swap jerseys with another girl by mistake?  Who was this kid all over the puck; dodging players, passing like a pro and getting right in the thick of things?  Could it be our Mary?  “Goal scored by #5, Willow Rynestad with an assist by  #12, Mary Waldeck” the announcer said to cheers of Angel parents.  It was true!  With 3 games left in the season, she’d finally decided to “get in the game.”

We were amazed and very proud of her too.  We also wanted to know what it was that motivated her differently today.  After we got in the car to head to the mandatory post-game pizza party, her dad asked her just what it was that made today’s playing so different.  “Did your coach give you all a big pep talk?”  “Was it the pizza?”   “Nope,” she replied, “my coach painted my face.”

Pros, take note.  It’s not the practice, the top-dollar equipment, the sacrificial living or even the pain.  It’s the face paint.  That’s the key!  Apparently, having one’s face painted in your team colors with soap crayons is the long sought after secret to  success on the ice.  Now that we’ve solved this mystery, we’ve stocked up on soap crayons and we’re ready for the championship game tomorrow.  We’re painting her whole body!



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3 03 2008

What? No picture of Mary’s painted face on this post?

I didn’t realize she was a black belt in TaeKwonDo, Justin took it for a few years when he was about 4-6ish. We made him quit when he started using those moves on his big sister! He made another go of it at about age 11 but didn’t have the coordination anymore and got bored after about 2 months.

3 03 2008

I haven’t quite mastered all the intricacies of my new camera (like how to get the photos from point a to point b), but hopefully I’ll have a picture of “Miss Warrior Woman” to post soon.


24 03 2008

i am gonna show this to my friend, brother

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