Meet My Man

4 03 2008

Fellow blogger, Brody Harper, wrote today about building others up.  Human nature makes us cynical and we tend to accent the negative in people and things, rather than the positive.  For some reason, I’m especially guilty of this with those I love and cherish most.  Strange how easy it is for me to criticize those that should be easiest for me to edify.  Today, I’m going to consciously change that behavior.  I will start with my husband, Scott.

We have been married for 20 years.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful this man is.  He is a career Air Force professional.  Ask any of his co-workers, especially his subordinates, and they will tell you that he is a man of integrity.  He is the first on the line and the last one off.  He ensures he always does more than he asks of others.  He does not merely complete a task to it’s standard, but strives to exceed the standard in all he does.  He was awarded a medal for saving the life of a downed pilot in Kosovo.  I only found out in passing from someone else because he didn’t think he was doing anything other than his job.  He keeps our cars running and our house repaired.   He’s a great cook and all time champion assistant builder of Pinewood Derby and AWANA race day cars.  He’s just plain smart too.  Way smarter than me, but won’t admit it.  He is very slow to anger and very quick to forgive.  He’s patient with me and quick to compliment even the small things.  No, he’s not perfect, none of us are, but he strives to better himself everyday, and never at the expense of others.  Except when it comes to snoring.  If he gets any “better” at this, I’m going to push for separate bedrooms.

A few months ago, we were both asked to give our testamony in church one Sunday morning.  Each of us was given the opportunity to speak.  This was not something he was particularly looking forward to doing as it would involve getting up in front of a large group of people.  God did not call Scott to be a teacher, preacher or deacon.  He’ll build you the church though and keep it maintained too.   He began to tell our congregation how much the Lord had blessed him with me for a wife!  I was the reason he came to know the Lord he said, and for that he was at a loss as to how to thank God, except to be the best husband he could.  I could hardly speak!  He is such a wonderful spouse, my best friend, my soul mate.  Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs during 20 years of marriage, but I thank God everyday for knowing just who would be perfect for me.  I pray that God will remind me to build you up every day.

Thanks Brody, for helping me to realize that I need to work harder at building up rather than tearing down.  Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband and father to our children.



2 responses

5 03 2008

Awesome… thanks for contributing Beth….

5 03 2008

Aw, Beth…I’m in tears! Beautiful post!

Enough with the “I don’t know how to get pictures on here” deal. I want to see pictures! ; )

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