No Autographs, Please!

9 03 2008

Yep! I’m famous. I made the news last night. Now wait a minute, not “made the news” in the sense that I “made the news” exactly. Geesh, ya think ya’ know your friends! Right away you jump to conclusions that could get me kicked out the PTA and the national hockey moms association.

I was, however, on the evening news. I was called at home yesterday by my wonderful receptionist who said that someone from the local TV station wanted to speak to me. I assumed, of course, it was due to my money-saving discovery for professional athletes or perhaps my recent hosting of a certain soft-rock star. Nope, it was because they were seeking to dispel the many myths surrounding the economic stimulus rebate that Congress is doling out later this year. It seems that I am the local expert (read: only manager available) concerning this and there were many questions from local citizens concerning this potential windfall. I’m not sure I dispelled many myths, but I sure looked good! I even heard from people I hadn’t talked to in over a year! They called for free tax advise. Several people mentioned my 3 minutes of fame (not just 15 seconds, thank you very much!) at church this morning and the children were especially well behaved in the nursery too. I’m sure this was due to being awe-struck by my mere presence. It could be because I had gummy fruits for snack, but I prefer to live under the d illusion of the former.

I’m off to polish my crown for work tomorrow and also to read up, just in case I’m called on to go nationwide with my vast knowledge and myth dispelling talents.



6 responses

10 03 2008

you are so cool….I’m proud to say I knew you way back when in bloggy world!

11 03 2008

Sweet! Any chance you can get a video of your appearance? Or do we have to wait for your spot on national TV?

11 03 2008

I tried to load the video link here, but it wouldn’t save properly for some reason. Here’s the link to the news site and you can watch it there.


12 03 2008

That’s great! You got your hair cut since I’ve seen you…I like it.

12 03 2008

Thank you! It’s the only way I can seem to loose weight these days!


29 03 2008

Howdy! I’m an H&R Block preparer too! (I think I clicked over here from BooMama)

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