God Has a Sense of Humor!

21 03 2008

I dare anyone to defy that today!  Yesterday, it was rather brown and the “snirt” as we call it here (snow+dirt) was looking rather yucky at best.  It was somewhere in the 40s and I’d shed my jacket for the season, feeling rather comfortable in knowing that the first day of spring had arrived and all the “white stuff” was gone for another season.

Well, I was wrong of course.  I woke up a bit later than usual today as the children didn’t have school so I didn’t have to rush around getting everyone out the door on time.   Needless to say I had to rush myself out the door due to previously stated sleeping in and when I opened the door, everything was white again!  The truck was covered, the driveway was covered, the whole city it seemed had plunged right back into winter!  All day long it has snowed, snowed, snowed.

Thank you God.  For the white to cover up the snirt for Easter.  For reminding me that you do indeed have a wonderful sense of humor (what else explains  aardvarks?), and most of all, for today.  Good Friday.  Thank you for sending your only Son to die on the cross for my sins.  For raising Him from the dead in victory of sin and death. And most of all, for saving me FOR something very important; bringing glory to your Renown.

Easter Blessings,




One response

24 03 2008

Amen! I have never lived ina place where there is that much snow, or even a hint of snow on Easter. That is very interesting to me.
I agree with all you said. Thank you, Lord for all you have done.
Thanks for the post. I loved reading it.

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