Do shoes come in EXXXXXXXTRA Wide?

7 05 2008

I had surgery on my foot this morning.  I’ve been living with a fairly constant pain in my right foot for over a year now and it was finally determined that the culprut was a large accessory bone.  The bone is now gone and a ligament fused and strengthened.  I am sporting a lovely rigid half-cast/ace-wrap contraption that, coupled with the swelling, lends great credence to the recent big foot sightings in the mid-west.

I am brushing up on my assisted walking with crutches too.  I nearly had a coronary coming up the stairs.  This does NOT mean I’m out of shape at all.  AM in shape.  Round is a shape after all.

Right now the plan is for me to be in a “non-weight-bearing” status for approximately 4 weeks.  This status will undoubtedly lead to the improvement of my already wonderfully round shape!  Isn’t that geat?  I’m such a multi-tasker; which is not the same as a Nathan Tasker, but handy none the less.

I have stocked up on reading materials and dusted off my DVD collection so I should be prepared for the shape-building routine I’m in for during the next few weeks.  Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.  They were all greatly appreciated!



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8 05 2008

Praying for a quick recovery. Got a coupla’ giggles from your post. lol

17 12 2009
плешка в Батайске

по моему мнению: бесподобно.

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