Happy Mother’s Day!

11 05 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there.  New, Grand, Foster, Adopted, or Borrowed.  It doesn’t matter.  Celebrate the gift God has given you in your children today.  Motherhood is a wonderful thing (even at 2am with a colicy baby) and even though I celebrated from my bed most of the day, it was a good day.

My youngest, Mary, presented me with breakfast in bed this morning.  Toast with butter and cinnamon sugar.  YUM!  She brought me a hand wrapped gift next.  A small watering can filled with silk flowers and tied with a ribbon she made.  She’d printed “Happy Mother’s Day 2008” on the side of the can.  I tied the ribbon in her hair for church today and she was absolutely adorable!

I must share with you the card she gave me this morning.  I will cherish it forever; just as I do her.  I’m using her spelling too.

The front cover is a flower pot with a flower in it.  Each petal has a different word:  Great, pretty, special, funny, nice, loving, fameous, the best mom.

Each page follows:

If I could, I’d give my mother:  a neclic with reall dimends and a solid gold bracelet

The things I do that make my mother happy are:  telling really funny jokes and sometimes I tickle her

I can tell my mother cares about me by the way she:  talks to me and how she looks at me

The most special times with my mother are:  all holidays and times just for us.

I’d like to thank my mother for:  Loveing me and careing about me.

The most important things my mother does for me are:  buying me cloths and giving me food when I need it.

The End.

Isn’t that just about the most precious thing you’ve ever read in your whole life?

My husband made a wonderful steak and shrimp dinner for the whole family tonight and completed it with a DQ cake.  Yes, I’m blessed beyond measure.

I took time today to remember my mom.  A blessing she was to me and my family too.  She was orphaned at the age of 3 so she didn’t have a mother to show her how to be a good mother.  She was though.  Not perfect, but exactly the mother I needed.  God is wise for sure.  Thank you mom.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for being mom.  I wish she was still her on this earth to share my life and my kids.  Glory is hers now and I look forward to sharing heaven with her one day.



3 responses

12 05 2008

Happy Mother’s Day Beth. That Mary, I think she is made of pure SUGAR, she’s so sweet! Glad you had a good day. Love the “neclic with reall dimends” line, made me chuckle. I remember getting cards like that.

12 05 2008

She is just pure SUGAR indeed. Made from beets of course.


13 05 2008

LOL, yes of course!

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